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January 21, 2007


Shannon S

I just love the brown and light blue together. These papers will make scrapping the grey ocean pictures here in Washington a breeze! These are awesome!

Shannon S.
Mill Creek, WA


Love the color mix!


I really like this... I've got two boys and one girl and I'd use this for all of them. It's gorgeous!

Molly P

This is just really cool! So perfect for all of the beach photos I have! :D


Wowzers! Love this. It's about time there was a paper out there that was so cool for boys. Being a mom of 3 boys it makes it hard but the colors in those Swatchbooks are the greatest. So glad you are going to use heavier paper. That's been my only complaint! :) Just can't wait!!!!!

Robin :)


Blue & brown are a favorite color combo of mine, so I am loving the vibe line!


So glad to see the orange and red. Beginning to get a little tired of all the pinks so this collection looks great. Love that the papers are double sided, makes mixing and matching so much easier. And I seem to use brown much more than any other color so this group is just right for me. Love it!

Jennie Jensen

Wow! I like this even better! I absolutely love the brown, blue,and orange color combo. I have been stepping outside of my box and using orange in more stuff. I really like this set! Amazing Job!! I can't wait to buy this. How long till it is available?

Jennie Jensen

Sorry, I left my wrong email on the previous post!


Danelle I love Vibe!!! Living in Florida with 2 boys who love the water I can't wait to get my hands on these papers and all the other goodies! Thanks so much for tempting all of us. Can't wait to see them in real life.


Love love love the color pallette here!! The browns, reds, oranges...so cool! Would be great for little boy pages for sure!!

Jennifer H

this line looks awesome. can't wait for it to get in stores.


Love these colors too for boys or beach/swim. Cool wavy paper and brown flower!

Jill Weisend


Love both collections. I always enjoy the versatility! Can't wait to see the stamps!


OY! Danelle! I love this line too! Hmm..going to have to get BOTH! LOL! Can't wait! MargieH in Chicago


LOVE this paper. Again, perfect for our SoCal lifestyle! Great!


I think this will be a great line! I'm particularly interested in the "swatch" book!

Sarah Corbett

Ok, i love these too! will be going on a vacation to hawaii this year and I will enjoy using those papers when I get my hand on em! :-)

Greyce Louie

Very nice! I have two boys, 18 and 23, and I'm sure these papers would be great for scrapping our trips to Hawaii. Between Fresh and Vibe, there's something for everyone. Love all the things that go with it! Can't wait to buy them.


Whoa! Love this set! OK, love Fresh, too! LOL! This would be great for our cruise pictures and all the guy albums I've been having to do. Stamps? Can't wait to see new ones, too!

Faye Warriner

Wow Danelle
Vibe Rocks!!!!
It is just way too cool


Love This Line! I have 1 child - a boy - who desperately wants to go to the beach - today!

Fingers crossed that we get to a nice beach for his 1st beach visit this spring/summer.

Beautiful Collection Danelle!


I love the browns and blues. Orange is my favorite color. So glad to see something other than the "typical" beach colors (bright colors).


I am so glad to see "boy" colors. I have a lot of pictures of my godson that will really look on these papers.


I love the colors in Vibe. I am not sure which line I like better. Those blues will be awesome for some Florida vacation pictures from when I was a kid.

Love all you do.

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