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July 14, 2007



The make and take is Fantastic!!

Myself---I am a Great Cook and I Patient Mommy!!


Jennifer Sizemore

Oh, this is the most beautiful little book! I wish I was going.....
I am always optimistic and cheerful:)


Love the album!!! Something positive about myself...I always have a smile on my face.


Karen Demby

This album is wonderful. Great photos, and the album doesn't detract, just makes them really stand out. Just found your blog. So glad I will now be able to monitor your creativity!

One good thing about myself? I am a positive person and try to find good in all situations.


I LOVE all of the new line. I can't wait to see them in person (when will that be???)

Something nice about me?? I guess I can say that I always try and make people feel comfortable.

Have fun at CHA!


PS: Looking forward to see you in MA in Sept!


I love the stuff you come up with! Thanks for sharing :)
Me: I'm a good friend, very loyal and caring.


I love this album! Something good about me? Well, I am warm and caring person.

Cyndi Speelman

Wow! Beautiful album. Not sure if I am too late,
something positive about myself...
I am a really good mama to three wild and crazy little boys.


I'm patient. I've also learned how to speak up for myself and say no without feeling guilty.

Susan McDermott

wow.....gorgeous album!

gosh, it's so hard to come up with something about myself as i am so critical of me.

i am a good listener (lol, is that a word?).

i have moved 5 or 6 times and lived in 6 states and in Germany and have met lots of people. i believe each person has taught me something in some way or form. i listenened to their advice, problems, or stories about life and applied them in my own life.


Kim Shrum

Love this book! Something good about me? I'm a good cook!


Oh I LOVE the NEW STUFF...!!!
I Am a Very Positive Person...


Great album!!

I am very organized. That is my strong point I guess.

Casie in WI

Tami in Idaho

Beautiful make -n- take....everyone will have fun with that!
Comment about me: Generous,enthusiastic & love life!


Gorgeous. OK, here's one about me. I really do have the best of intentions in life. If you are hurting, I really do want to do something to make it stop. If you need help, I really do want to help you. I may not always be the best at follow-through (life's a work in progress, right?), but my intentions are pure! And if I can figure it out, I will do it.

Linda SS

What a beautiful album & such adorable little girls:) I like to give everyone I encounter an encouraging smile.

Connie F.

Very cute book! You are so very talented, Danelle! Good about me: I am very giving--of myself and my time. I am a good friend.

Claudia F.

This book is lovely!

Julia Muscari

Like everyone else, I love the book!

I try to find the best in people and help them see it!


I so wish I could be there to do the make and take in person.

Something good about me. I am happy. I have a great family, I'm losing weight on a diet (the healthier lifestyle is really starting to grow on me) and I'm looking forward to a nice vacation in less than 3 months.

I can say that even though I am happy, I would be happier if I could go to CHA and see the Creative Cafe in person.

Best of luck to you Danelle. I'm sure you'll be a smashing hit!!! :)


Kathi in San Diego

To quote my biggest fan (my DH) - I am a really good person. Which is really what I work on daily - just being a good person.

Thanks again for all the inspiration Danelle. I always love seeing what you come up with in every new release.


Terri Barton

Fantastic Album! You are so creative! One good thing about me, I love my husband and my kids! I am also a superb organizer!


I love this book! And I love my family--that's why i am as good as i can be to all of them!

dawn l

This little album is to die for!!! You always amaze me Danelle! I just bought this line a few days ago at my LLS so I may have to scraplift you a bit on this one.... Thanks for all of your inspiration! Have a wonderful time at CHA!!

As for one good thing about myself, I love my family & will always fight for them. I am a true friend.


What a great book--awesome paper!
As for me, I am a good mom :-) Love my job!!

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