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October 07, 2005



Oh Danelle, thank you for sharing this. McKinley is such a doll - goodness, she's gorgeous (as is her mama!). My eyes are filled with tears, since I understand exactly what you went through. Life IS such a blessing.

I can't thank you enough for being such an amazing support to me through my own experience with this.


Oh, what a scary experience for all of you - but what a wonderful, beautiful outcome!! She is indeed a miracle! Happy 3rd birthday, little girl!!

Melissa C

Oh Danelle, I remember this so well. Remember praying and praying for you and McKinley. What a true miracle and blessing she is.

Happy 3rd Birthday, McKinley!

Leigh Ann

Happy birthday to your precious little miracle!


Happy Birthday to your little one--I'm so glad your prayers were answered!


Thanks for sharing such a personal moment... she is truly a beautiful gift from God....


Lets see if I could type with tear-filled eyes.

Danelle, what an amazing story you have to tell. She is a miracle, a beautiful miracle. Happy Birthday to her and many hugs to you as you continue to celebrate the miracle of life.



Danelle.. your story touches me. So glad for you all that you overcame, that she was a fighter, that she is doing so well now..
happy bday to the little lady!!


Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl!

Eileen Zetoff

Happy Birthday to McKinley! What a joyous day! I am the mom of two premature kiddos and I know exactly what you went through. All the elation and fear all rolled into one complex emotion. I am firm beleiver that G-d does not give us more than we can handle and although I beleived at the time that he was testing me to my limits, we persevered and made it through. It does indeed make the ordinary fact of life itself more precious than ever.



She is beautiful...Happy Birthday! My Grandsons birthday was on the 7th.


thanks for sharing, Danelle! She is strong and beautiful...just like her mom!


I've been thinking about you all last week, remembering 3 years ago. what a wonderful, wonderful blessing sweet McK is....love you!


OMGosh, so tiny...bdays muct be extra sweet for M!!!! Enjoy them!!


I can't even begin to imagine what you must have gone through those 3 years ago. It's incredible to think of the miracle that you were blessed with. A truly happy birthday to McKinley...and a joyous day of celebration to you all!


Wow - what an amazing story!


I have been there and know how special those b-days are - enjoy!!


She is a beautiful child and you were extremely fortunate as you know. Happy birthday to her!


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