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July 09, 2006



No entry as yet...but what a wonderful way to 'spread the word' and create a pay it forward kind of chain of good actions. Bravo!

Mackey S

What a fantastic challenge for all of us! I cannot wait for tomorrow to see what opportunities lie ahead to spread some joy!! What a way to start the week off right! funFunFUN!!!

sandy wiley

this is a beautiful thing you are doing danelle! your stamps look awesome too!


This is a wonderful challenge! What an inspiration you are my friend. I cannot wait to read everyone's "good thing" post tomorrow! I am going to get out and see what kind of goodness I can share.


What a wonderful thing to do Danelle, how exciting to know you are creating a chain reaction of good things and events. As I am about to head to bed on Monday night, my day already having past, I wish you all good fortune in your quest for doing good things. Have a wonderful day. And I have to say your stamps look fantastic too and those layouts are sooo cool, I cant wait to see them first hand at CHA.

Maxine Hazebroek

kelly edgerton

Danelle, I just wanted to comment that not only are you darling, sweet, kind, and generous... in addition, your new designs for fall are FANTASTIC. I can't wait to get my hands on these things. I wish you much success with this line of products.


fun!! you are totally great to do this!!

betsy sammarco

What a great idea Danelle and being a fall FREAK myself . . . these stamps are GREAT!

Connie F.

I was just thinking about the movie "Pay it Forward" yesterday and thinking I would like to start something like that--and here is my chance!! You are awesome Danelle!!

I will post later today


Danelle you rock! Now off to think of something nice I can do for somebody today!

Kristen Nave

So here goes my first RAK of the day...it was kind of WIERD!! I crossed the San Mateo Bridge (Bay Area, CA) this AM on my way to a meeting so I paid for the toll for the person behind me...a red VW Bug (Old Model)...If it was you WINK WINK!! Anyway they tried to chase me down the roadway...Hopefully just to wave a thank you. But it got my heart racing and definetly woke me up this AM. But I felt a little Giddy too!!!
Hope you all have fun to!!

Sarah Goodyear

Cool idea!...Well, so far, I haven't done anything that groovy. My first attempt at a R.A.K. today was to let a bunch of people who were turning onto the road that I was on go ahead and turn into my lane in the middle of rush hour traffic. This seemed like a great idea at first, but then I realized that I'd ticked off all of the people behind me...so that pretty much just cancelled the other out. Oh well..I'll have to see if another opportunity arises!

Sarah Goodyear

Lauren Elliott

So excited about this! I bought coffee for the two ladies behind me in line this morning at Starbucks. They were surprised, and it gave me such a warm fuzzy. Reminded me how good it feels to do something for someone else with no expectations of anything in return!

Thanks for the reminder Danelle!


Well I am not leaving home today and had a hard time figuring out how I could do this today b/c I am home with the kiddos. So I made my postal lady a card thanking her for all her hard work (I have had a lot of mailouts lately). I left it in the mailbox so hopefully it made her smile.


Good stuff here! I put a comment on the other blog, but I just wanted to come here and say - it must be something in the air! - because I'm doing something similiar on my blog this week! Come see! Have fun with your RAK (and I'm looking forward to seeing your stamps IRL soon!


What a great idea- ANd lucky for me I completed a RAK just this morning-

My co-worker has been feeling overhealmed and stress in our new department so I brought her in a bacth of her favorite Choc Chip cookies!

Kimber-Leigh D.

This is a great idea...looking forward to the rest of this week's challenges!

claudia d

I borrowed my neighbors car for a quick errand and filled her gas tank!



Hi i even got my kids involved in this.. we mowed and took care of our neighbors house while he is gone for the week so he won't have to mow when he gets home. I am sure he will be surprised and we mailed out 10 RAKS on a list I belong to.. today. Jodi


I didn't get out of the house to do a RAK, but I did mail a card to someone who is going through a rough time and mailed a small package to someone else who is going through a rough spot.

Connie F.

I thought I was going to have to settle with just letting in people waiting to turn in traffic ahead of me. My plan was to buy lunch for the car behind me at the drive-thru, but no one came until I pulled up to the window. I quickly asked the cashier if they would take their order and that I would like to pay for it. The young lady asked if I knew them and I said--nope, just a random act of kindnesss. She said, "Cool". I drove off before the other car was up to the window, but it has made me smile all afternoon--and hopefully made them smile too.

Thanks, Danelle, for setting my thoughts about a RAK in motion!


My RAK this week is a RAK I do every other week. Every other week I have to go downtown and pay my taxes (yes - every two weeks - yuck). I put change in all the expired parking meters from my car to the courthouse and back. I do it because life is chaotic and sometimes we just don't make it back to the car quick enough to feed the meter :)


I don't think this really qualifies but here goes...
my husband does all the cooking in the house and I prepped all the taco fixings for dinner tonight so he could play golf longer.
My children performed a RAK by donating some of their books to the local day care.


what a beautiful idea. :) i hadn't thought much of my RAK this morning, but since you asked, i will tell you. :) i stopped at the local supermarket as i often do on the way to work to get whatever bits we need at school. they open at 7 and i am normally there at 7:10, and all the employees are usually a bit dreary eyed at the start of the day -- especially on a monday. i paid for my things and the girl behind the check out couldn't have been more than 17 -- definitely still a student, i think. she seemed half awake and daydreamy...something that might make me annoyed if there was a big queue, but since it was just me in the entire store it didn't really matter. i went out to the car and realised something i had in the car might be appreciated by that lonely, dreamy girl behind the counter...a homebaked chocolate cupcake. (i was taking them to work, honest!) so i went back in and left on on the counter.

except now i'm kinda afraid to go back because i'm sure it's pretty wrong to take food *into* a supermarket! oh well -- i can tell them that i bought all my ingredients there, at least! :)

hope you have a lovely week, danelle. it is so nice to see a little bit of my home state whenever i visit your page.


Hi Danelle! Thanks for doing this. I was very nice to all my callers (I'm a county operator) today, but one in particular stood out. I could tell she was having trouble breathing, so I didn't make her call the clinic directly (which is county policy), but connected her myself. (Shhh! Don't tell my boss. LOL) I know it was just a little thing, but It made me feel good. :-D Linda

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