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July 09, 2006



Tired. Cranky. Just got back from vacation and work is a disaster. Can't even THINK about how to RAK someone...so I figured if I just SMILED at everyone today. People I work with, people I don't know. A smile is better than the cranky grouch I felt like inside!


I helped someone who was just in need of someone to talk to - so my part was easy, just listening. Tanya :)

Kristen Nave

I did one more thing this afternoon. I took my daughter to cheerleading practice...so cute she is in Kindeergarten and they are so darling learning these little cheers! Anyway, a mother sitting next to me (One I don't know)was upset because she left her bag of groceries at the store. I told her to use my cell phone and call the store so it would be there when she could return.
Danelle, Thanks for doing this!! It lifted my spirits today and hopefully the spirits of the two people I RAKed.

Colleen Stearns

Thanks so much for inspiring these acts, Danelle.

My little sister is in the hospital. The past few times I have visited, I noticed that the people on her unit tend to just sit, staring aimlessly, and appearing lonely. I asked my sister why they aren't reading or looking at magazines, and she told me that nobody visits them so they don't have anything to read. When my parents went to visit today, I sent along some magazines and books to give to those who want them.

Linda A. (elendae)

I have tried to teach my children about the good feeling that you get when you give of yourself to someone else - whether you know that person or not - and we try to do something nice for someone every time we go out. We had lunch with some friends at Chuck E. Cheese today, and there was one very frazzled Mom with two kids who wanted to play some more, but they were out of tokens. I had been behind the woman in line ordering lunch, and she had gotten just a small pizza for the three of them and a small handful of tokens. So I asked my girls if they would like to share some of their tokens with those other kids, and they immediately said "sure!" So we gave each of the kids a bunch of tokens. That meant that the girls were almost out themselves, but they got the good feeling from giving something away, and from helping someone and didn't seem to mind. The smile we got from the Mom was all I needed to keep smiling myself for the rest of the day. :)

Cheryl Cox

My RAK for Monday was to drive to a doctors office (and make myself late for work) and wait 20 minutes to pick up 2 prescriptions and then later in the day drive in a pouring rain and sit at a pharmacy drive through for 20 minutes to drop off the RX's for pick up tomorrow...just so my fiance wouldn't have to do either one. He is disabled and was really feeling bad today so driving and waiting would have been difficult. Taking care of these little trips saved him from a week of feeling awful.

This may not count as a RAK since he is my fiance and I do these things out of love, but it was the biggest thing I did today. I let people get in front of me on the highway when they were trying to get on from a side street and let people go ahead of my car when they were walking across the parking lot. I usually do that sort of thing so not sure it will count either.
Thanks for putting the RAK thought in everyones head. My favorite new saying is "What have you done today, to make you feel proud?" I try to live my life that way.

Melanie Douthit

Well, first of all - this doesn't count, but there was a very hungry looking "strange" cat in front of my house this morning. I went out to see if it had been hurt (the dogs were barking at it) and it was okay - but it meowed at me and loved on my leg etc (I'm allergic to cats - can't own one) and I felt so sorry for it, I went inside a got a chicken breast from the fridge from dinner the night before and placed it by my mailbox for the starving thing. (thankfully it didn't hang around after that..poor thing.)

Now - for a person... a scrapbook friend who is getting ready for a loca SB convention came over to pick up some clear bags for class kits. She was teaching sewing, so I.. "surprise" ..loaned her my spare sewing machine (yes, I have a spare) so her students wouldn't have to all share just one machine.

All this and I didn't leave home. : - )

Thanks for doing this!! LOVE the new stamps!

Pam Mayhew

What a great idea!!! Wonderful RAKs everyone!!!

I looked through a person's gallery and noticed she used a lot of stamps. I sent her 10 sets of alpha & number sets. I wanted her to know that I love her layouts and it brings great inspiration to me! I hope she enjoys them.

Thanks for the idea!

Dawn B

This was such a wonderful idea and it makes you feel good. After being so upset this weekend because my husband lost a large amount of pictures from my computer because he didn't back them. Doing RAKs today helped me to forget about the loss of graduation etc pitures. I started and just kept going.
1. I helped a deaf girl finish a project today that no one else felt comfortable doing.
2.I convinced a very depressed friend (many personal & medical problems)to get out of the house this week to scrapbook.
3. I called everyone and planned the event for her so all she has to do is show up.
4. I invited an older lady to come,I will pick her up and bring her home, she was very excited.
5. Helped another friend to plan a few hours out of the house from her terminally ill brother and aging mother. I felt she needed a break and to be cheered up.
6. Let another friend talk about some family problems for a long time because I felt she just needed to tell someone.
I did call a local charity to come pick up several bags of clothes but they could not come today.

Donna Bettencourt

Hmmmm...........I don't see my post here? What I said was...........Thanks Danelle for doing this. My daughter and 3 yr old grandson and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant today for lunch since it was on the way to a local LSS.We go there often enough for me to know the waitress was new. She did fine but I could sense she was a little uneasy so I gave her a 30% tip so hopefully by the time she served her next table, she was feeling pretty confident about herself !!!! thanks for this great idea Danelle. it looks like lots of nice things happened today all over the world thanks to you!!


I went to the local shops to grab some milk and as I was pulling out of the carpark I noticed an elderly lady had tripped over a crack in the footpath so I stopped my car in the middle of the road with the hazard lights on and went to help her get back up, I made sure she was ok, parked my car then helped her to do her shopping.

I'd like to think if it is was my mum or grandma who had fallen that someone would stop to help them.

Kate :)


We found out a close friend is having heart troubles, and it looks pretty bleak...we bought tickets for the Red Sox game on Friday for a little R and R for him!


I just found out about your challenge and wanted to share something I did yesterday that I am pretty proud of.
There was a man driving down the road at the speed limit and his right rear tire seemed to be losing air rapidly. I pulled up alongside him and motioned to him that something was wrong. He pulled over and was grateful I let him know. I was about to get in my truck and leave, but something was nagging in my mind. I turned around and walked back towards him and offered to help him change his tire. You wouldn't believe the look of relief in his face. He was just pondering what he was going to do, as he had just left his Dr.'s office and was told to avoid strenuous activity and he didn't have AAA. So I changed his tire for him.
Not really a big deal, but it was to him and made me feel pretty good the rest of the day.

Melanie Douthit

Hi! I just wanted to add something about my post last night. The hungry stray cat. The one in front of my house. The one I gave a cooked chicken breast to (well, I put it by the mailbox so she'd find it). I know it's a SHE b/c she just repaid my kindness - with 3 kitties in my carport. ROFLOL. I'm a temporary foster parent now. I just went to the store and did something I've never done before - bought cat food. ~melanie~


Inspiring challenge! I entured out with my baby and todler to goand buy some bread downtown. As it's summer every bakery in turn is closed for the holidays. We came across the one which was closed for this week and an old lady who clearly had had a difficult time to get there by foot was shocked to find it closed as it meant walking even further down town. So we suggested that she'd take a rest there and then, have a cup of coffee and we offered to bring her bread with us as we went to get our own a couple of streets further along. So we did get her a fresh loaf, had a nice talk and feeling all good, had a wonderful stroll home with our own loaf of bread.

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