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July 10, 2006



This is something I've been meaning to do for a while and you gave me the kick I needed. A couple of friends always forward wonderful stories to me and everytime I get one I think I should write and let them know I'm thinking of them and they are important to me. Well this morning I did just that and it felt great.

Jennifer Curran

I called my best friend from High School today, because we share the same birthday, which is today. I think she was really surprised to get my call. It has been over 10 years since we have last talked. I am glad that I stumbled across your blog. I think about her every year, but never make the call.


I wrote a letter to a friend who I haven't seen or talked to since my wedding (7 years ago--yikes!!). She moved away and we lost contact, I don't even know her phone number! Felt good to do that. I have been wanting to for a long time.


I called my best friend from high school, and just found out she adopted a daughter from China. It was so good to talk with her, and find out how our lives have turned out!! We graduated 20 years ago this year!!!!!


I e-mailed a friend of mine from high school (graduated 18 years ago). She had gotten my email address from the school's alumni website and I never got around to emailing her back. I did this morning. We were the BEST of friends all through high school - shared clothes, shoes, loved the same bands, loved the same movies, etc. We were inseperable. After graduation we lost touch. I thought about her often over the years but was never able to find out what happened to her. Come to find out, she got married, moved to a town an hour away, has four kids and is a stay-at-home mom. We are planning a get together soon and a big play date/bbq with our two families so our husbands and kids can meet. We have a LOT to catch up on! Thanks for putting this RAK out there!

Cheryl Cox

Sorry, this may be a duplicate....
At first I didn't think I could do this challenge as I stay close to all my dear friends. I was bummed because I LOVE the Christmas stamp set and would do almost anything to have a set. Then I realized I could do something and will do it no matter what my chances for the stamps are..it goes along with my saying from yesterday..."What have you done today, to make you feel proud?"

I have two sisters, one that lives near me and with whom I am very close. My other sister lives in Georgia and I haven't spoken to her in 10 years. She was always a difficult person to be close to when we were growing up and then 10 years ago, when our father was dying, she "stole" all the money and items of value that my father had, leaving my mother with nothing when he died. She even got his truck which had been paid for by money my parents got when they refinanced their house. So my father died, with no insurance or a pension for my mother to fall back on, my siter had cleaned out the bank account and took my fathers truck, leaving my mother to "pay" for it via the new mortgage payment.

I haven't spoken to my sister because I couldn't forgive her for what she did to our mother. Your challenge made me take a look at myself and realize that I can't be proud of myself or pass on forgiveness to my children if I harber ill will towards my sister. It won't be easy but I will send my sister a letter tonight letting her know that despite what she did, she is still my sister and while I may not like what she did, I still love her.

I don't know what will happen and I can't guarentee we will continue contact but at least I will know that I tried to take a small step in her direction.

Thanks again for these daily reminders to be a better person and make our world a better place.



sOB...Cheryl...that is an amazing story...I pray that good things come of this!!!


Wow, I have been thinking about doing this for a while, like a lot of the other posters said. I am going to contact my friend Michelle from college that I lost contact with. We were best friends, I even flew out to Boston to visit her one summer. Then she got married about 3 years ago, and I couldn't attend the wedding, and now I don't know where she is. I am going to get back on AOL (haven't been on in a year) and hope that I still have her work email and HOPE she's still there so we can get together. I think we only live about 2 hours away!!! Thanks for the kick!

Sarah Goodyear

Wow....I am exactly the same way. I have moved a lot in my life, and I still have tons of friends all over the country that I love dearly, but haven't spoken to in ages. I always think about calling them, but for some reason, I don't...things get busy at work, I lose track of time, and then suddenly it's been 2-3 years! Crazy.
So, I just called one of my best friends from college, Marc, who I had continued to hang out with and go visit about once a year, (even though he lived 1200 miles away), until my wedding. Marc flew down for my wedding 2 1/2 years ago, and I talked to him shortly thereafter, and then....who knows. I guess that I got busy...I hate that word.."busy". I probably just use it as a crutch to make excuses for things that really are important, like talking to your friends, that I never do. I mean, everyone is "busy"...life is "busy"....it will never be unbusy...so thinking about this challenge today...made me realize that one should never not do things because you're "busy". "Busy", is living a full, life, but if you don't keep up with what's important, how can your life be full? Thanks a ton Danelle. These challenges are too cool.

Sarah Goodyear
Spring, TX

Connie Fisher

I stopped by to see a friend who I haven't seen for several years. I heard that she opened a really nice quilt shop in the town where I work, and have been meaning to stop in. So, today, with your challenge, I went to see her. Her shop is beautiful--just like she has always been. She has rheumatoid arthritis and it was hard to see how crippled her hands are now, but it was soooo good to see her again and catch up. It was nice to see how well she is doing in spite of the arthritis.

Thanks again Danelle for pushing me to do something I have been meaning to do for a long, long time.

Kristen Nave

Hi Everybody,
Well, I did not do anything spectacular, like a few of the women on the board did. But I did email a friend that I grew up with. We have stayed in touch on and off, but both of our lives are busy raising our children and we live hours from each other. Needless to say after instant messaging with her. I felt like we never left off. She absolutely made my day...she always did. In high school she used to get me in so much trouble! She was always into mischief, her license plate said DoubleD (Hope you all figure that one out) Sneaking out with boys, one time as a freshman she showed up at my house in the middle of the night in her parents car...we were 14 and in CA that's illegal! Anyway, thank goodness I did not go with her that night...she got herself pulled over...He He HE..it still makes me laugh! We drove to the river one time in my little VW with her Rotweilwers...slobber all over my car, it was disgusting, but a memory I will never forget. But it was the reminising that put that little sparkle in my eye today! Hope it does for the rest of you as well!!

Patty Chiszar

You are an amazing woman Danelle.



I called my best friend from college today. I have not seen her in TEN years! She was not at home so I left a message on her machine.

I left my number..........now i hope she calls me.

Lauren Elliott

Danelle, Look at all the wonderful things that are happening, just because of you. You wanted to do something wonderful for someone else, and it is just a huge chain reaction. You are amazing!


Thanks for a wonderful challenge, Danelle. I went through a list of old email addresses and sent off 3 to friends who I've not seen nor talked to in many years. I don't know if the emails are any good nor if they are still living at their same addresses, but I definitely felt good about dropping them each a short note and trying to get back in touch. It was definitely a good thing!


I forgot to post this yesterday - I called my grandmother :) - I haven't talked to her in almost 3 years and haven't seen her in 5. It seems the longer I went without calling her - the harder ist was to make that call...maybe guilt...who knows. Well, I sucked it up and called her. I had no clue how totaly refreshing it would be to hear her voice and how soothing ti would be to talk to her. We set up a date next week to go and see her - I am so excited!!! Thanks for the push in the right direction!


OH, I had to repost. I just rec'd a reply to one of my emails (from one of my gal pals)! How awesome was that! And in the email, she said "is this weird or what! I was just thinking about you on Monday". She'd just returned from Sisters, OR, where they have an annual quilt event...she and I both quilt in our spare time. Now, I can't wait to see if I hear from my other 2 friends! Thx, Danelle!

marion estes

Thanks for the nudge. My friend had moved and her address and phone number were no longer working. My Christmas card had been returned and I didn't really know how to reach her. I had been willing to accept this...until yesterday . After reading your challenge, I made more of an effort and I'm SO glad!!! Thanks so much!

Tanya Summers

I left a major decision up to dh, rather than encouraging him one way or another. It may not seem big, but I think it will be to him!

Michelle Curran

I wandered onto your blog by way of the great Ali E. and I am so thankful! (I definitely don't need another excuse to surf online, but...) I put my dearest puppy-friend of 13 years down on June 5th of this year! I have been trying to jot down memories and thoughts of Pookie since then, since I am not actually ready to scrap any photos...A few years ago, we had a roommate, Chance - who loved Pooks so very much, too - I called him to let him know...Terrible and painful conversation, tears, but laughter, too...we started talking about the silly things she used to do (he knew her when she was still a puppy) and reminded me of things I had forgotten...I have missed Chance, he has always been such a good friend...I am determined to stay in touch; to not allow our friendship to lie stagnant for so long (especially to leave it for so long, until something terrible has happened) Thanks so much for this! I have my friend back; in a way, I have my baby girl back, too!


I too can thank Ali for finding this blog!!!
What a great challenge... I went through and sent e-mails to all my long lost e-mail pals from the past.
I haven't been keeping up with my friends in the last few years that have moved away!!! GREAT day to start!


WOW! I just had to tell you how much I love your new products! I've got the clear stamps (memories interactive circles) and the travel rub-on swatch book. I am so thrilled with the quality of them and the lovely addition they make to my page. I had to use them right away, sorry for hijacking the "good things" entry but I had to let you know, you've made my week!


AWESOME stamps Danelle!!!! As always, you rock!!!!


thanks so much for the reminder....so with your challenge in mind....i e-mailed an old cycling teammate of mine who i haven't heard from in a while. & i plan to write an old good friend that i haven't been in touch w/ b/c life got too busy....but you are totally right, you have to make time for keeping in touch w/ friends. thanks!!!!


I pulled out an old phone book and tried to see if my friend from my university years still had the same number. She did... and she wasso excited to hear from me. Apparently she had done the same only recently but opposit to her, I had changed numbers. We found out that my youngest daughter ad her son were born only weeks from each other and with all these new babies around, we arranged a family visit for next week. Imaging that... feels nice.

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