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July 14, 2007



I think I am richly blessed!!!


I'll start by a compliment on your work... GORGEOUS ALBUM !!

Now I have to say something good about me... I do know how to make WONDERFUL and GORGEOUS kids... I did that twice !!
And I can easily prove it !! lol I have photos of them on my blog...

Have a nice day !

Beth O'Dell

With 4 kids, 1 hubby, 1 house to manage and 1 business to run, I have finally learneed to say "Today, I gave it my best and tomorrow is a new day."


what an amazing album!!

i am kind. i don't kill bugs. i feed the local stray cats (and raccoon. i live in new york city.) isn't it amazing how hard it is to be kind to ourselves? i once bought underwear for every day that had a different positive "I am" saying- i am creative, i am smart, i am funny, etc... i should start wearing those again.

anyway thanks for the inspiration and the great work!


Love the album! You're daughters are beautiful. A nice thing about myself...I always have something nice to say about a person.


wow ! stunning !!!!


Wow that's such a beautiful album! Would love to have a shot at making a similar one if possible - have fun at CHA! :) And one good thing about me..uh...when it comes to buying gifts I am usually very generous because I love to make my closest happy :) Ania from NOrway

katie m.

Hi Danelle!
I'll play =)
I'm Katie and I'm funny!

Nancy Grant

Oh wow-wee! What a stunning creation! I can nicely say that I am uniquely me...jolly. I am soft and my smile exudes happiness and my laugh encourages those around me to laugh too. What a blessing to be jolly.
~Nancy G.


I am organized...if nothing else I am that:)


A compliment for you: that make-n-take is amazing! I so wish I could be there to make one too!

About me: I think am a good mom and put my kids first!

~Tanya :)


Your daughters are just beautiful! Me .... I'm loyal, steadfast and true -- a typical Taurus!

kerry lynn

i live life fully, with intent and purpose.


I love to smile. :-)


I love this album, sooooo very sorry not to be going to CHA. a good thing about me is compassion. I am compassionate. I don't try to be, I just am. I think about the other guy first, it's just my nature. I do have faults, that's just not one of them.


Danelle, I came here through Melodee and your products are just gorgeous.

Me? Well, I am a survivor. I am strong. I have had some tough times and I have made it. I got through. I am in tact, I have been inspired. I am creating my own future.

And that HAS to be good, right?


I am a lover of life and the journey we're all on. And I love the little book :o)

jenn shurkus

hmm one compliment.... i am a strong person :) this is one i should remind myself after recently moving and stopping a 5.5 year relationship....
thanks danelle :)


What a cute book! Well, I am a patient person, which comes in handy with an almost 3 year old little boy!



Ok how did you know this would be so hard? Something good about me- I believe in honesty and telling people how you really feel. That's the rule in our house, you get to say how you feel about things right or wrong it's still how YOU feel about it. And that is important!
P.S. That book is awesome, it would be great for our Florida beach trip pictures that I love so much and am saving for just the right project!


What an amazing album, yet another reason I would love to be able to go to CHA. So one nice thing about myself; this isn't easy . . I am kind to others. Oh and I am really good at gaining weight. LOL!! Thanks again


This make and take is adorable. Your kids are too!

Something good about me - I can have fun doing most anything!

detta owens

I can always find the good side to everything. Love that mini book.


Wow! Fabulous little book. As for a compliment about me...I am a good mom, I am patient and I am kind.

Patty Chiszar

Love your stamps and love your concept. I can't wait to see you in September at Memories LSS. Patty

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