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July 14, 2007


Faye Warriner

Danelle the album and all the new goodies are great. I appreciate all you do in the craft world :)
Saying something nice about myself - yikes LOL
I always look at the best in people, no matter what horrible things they may have done, I always look for the best :) because I hope that someone is doing the samething for me.
Enjoy your vacation


Awesome album! I'm a born leader & don't mind taking charge of committees where I designate tasks to others. (even though I often times end up doing it all myself:)

Patti Martin

I am a daughter, niece, cousin, friend, wife, mother aunt & mema....I have made it through so far...LOL...I am organized & can deal with alot at one time...And fall apart after.....I love the people around me more than my own life......I'm dependable......

Christine Baker

Wow, what a beautiful album. One good thing about me, I have a good sense of humor which certainly comes in handy!

mary bartolotta

one good thing about me? isn't that i nice thought? !! well, i'm a good friend. i'm caring to a fault and i am always looking out for everyone but myself ( my husband hates that about me). i love your entire line and can't wait to see it !! have fun on vacation, mary b

Debi C

I think my best quality is that I am kind. I believe that everyone is fighting her or his unique battle and we are often unaware of what trials other are facing. Often kind words and a smile can go along way.
Also, I am having trouble viewing your pics. I'm not sure if the problem is on my end or yours.

debbie v

I never give up! Beautiful album. I have the perfect pictures for it!


Oh how I wish I was at CHA to make such a beautiful album!
One of my best qualities is I have all the patients in the world. I'm a nanny to 3 boys under 4 and love every minute of it!

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