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October 24, 2007



I can not imagine how cool it was seeing all of the product in those boxed finally leaving! I just can't wait till it makes it to the east coast! I think that we will be getting the Cafe in 2 stores wihin driving distance in southern Mass and I am thrilled! Thanks for being so inspiring!


OK, I'm trying to post a comment! This all looks so cool! And if the store locator is right, I have not one, but two stores locally that are going to carry the line. Yay!

eline zegers

sorry i cannot see the message so i hope to come back later and see everything.
greeting from holland

eline zegers

Sarah Corbett

Thanks for the locator link!! Cant wait to head down to Wichita to check it all out!! I hope you post if you will be doing any classes or such there. I'd try to make one if I could!


ok this is really cool! Can't wait to get my hands on some of this!!

Sarah Goodyear

I am waiting, but not patiently! This is going to be so groovy!!!

Sarah Goodyear


I can't wait to see all of your new stuff!

Michelle R.

Hope this is going to be at a nearby store for us!

Michelle R.

Hope this is going to be at a nearby store for us!


I'm excited - my LSS is carrying Creative Cafe - yah-hoo!


Oh....I can't wait to see which of those boxes is coming to my LSS!!!!!


Can't wait for my lss to get this in!!!

Judy Rock

I visited my lss in Greer SC today to ask what they had planned for Creative Cafe and they are going to have scrappy hour two times on one day and once on Saturday and feature it in their Open House Nov 1st. Can't wait that long I will hit them on Tuesday. Love the stamps


Whoohoo! Look at the cool stuff. Can't wait to get my hands on some.

Patty Chiszar

I got to touch everything at K2 today. Wow I love it all. You did a great job Danelle. Can't wait to start some projects. Patty

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